[pct-l] Some Holiday Cheer for the younger Captain America of the Class of '05

Scott Herriott yetifan at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 9 12:22:08 CST 2006

If you happened to meet this guy (Jonathan Porter) out
on the trail this year (or even if ya didn't) it might
be a nice idea to send him some Get Well emails.  He
just informed me that, after finishing the trail this
year, he had a horrible bicycle accident which
resulted in (a bit graphic here) broken bones in the
left side of his face, part of his nose and his upper
lip were ripped off and reconstructive surgery was
done to repair one of his eye sockets.  Given all that
he seems to be in a very good frame of mind. A shout
out I'm sure would give him a boost.

His email is jpspinning at hotmail.com

Happy Holidays & Be Safe,

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