[pct-l] Staying Not-Dead (was: stay out of canyons)

Gary Wright at2002 at mac.com
Sat Dec 9 22:16:41 CST 2006

On Dec 9, 2006, at 3:25 PM, Brian McLaughlin wrote:
> Whatever you do, stay together. DO NOT SPLIT UP!

There isn't enough information in this hypothetical to know if  
splitting up makes sense or not.
Is the injured party stable or getting worse?  What season is this?   
What is the likelihood of
one person hiking out for help?  What is the likelihood of someone  
finding you where you found
shelter?  When do you think someone will start looking for you?  How  
much food/fuel do you have?
Is there a natural water source nearby or do you have to melt snow?   
Is the injured person able
to care for themselves or not?  Is the healthy person putting  
themselves at risk by staying?

There are times when it makes sense to stay with the injured party  
and there are times when
that would result in rescue being too late and someone must go for  
help. It all depends on
the specific details of the situation.  I've taken a Wilderness First  
Aid class and we discussed
both types of situations.  It just depends.

I'm not even sure it is possible to be 80 miles away from a road in  
the US--certainly not by
air, and certainly not on the PCT (don't forget side trails).

This is a good example why you should always have maps with you (even  
on the AT) as then
you can figure out side trails etc. that will lead you to  
civilization faster than staying
on the main trail.  This is also a great example of why you should be  
able to locate yourself
on a map, even on a well blazed trail.  If you get to help but are  
unable to easily explain where
the injured person is located then the rescue will be delayed.

Gary Wright (Radar)

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