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She's lying.  She's not a day over 40.  All you have to do is look at her to know this.  :o) 


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>Hi Hamlet and other 60 and over hikers out there,
>I've read a few posts in the last few months from hikers in their 60's
>wishing to connect with other like aged '07 PCT hikers. I've always intended
>to respond to your posts but didn't. I don't know why I didn't respond
>because I, too, always hope to find other hikers around my age. So thanks
>for posting and giving me and others a chance to meet you.
>The trail calls and my intention is to hike the PCT again in '07 too. I'm
>planning and training for the hike. I have an itinerary, a start date, food
>I've been dehydrating, a body that's getting used to hiking some miles with
>my pack but I have some doubts about whether I am physically fit enough at
>62 to do a long hike again, (of course I had the same doubts 5 years ago in
>2002 before I hiked). I also have some doubts about whether I will miss my
>family and friends too much to stay on the trail. 
>My husband retired last April. When I hiked in 2002, he was working. We'll
>have completely remodeled our home just before I'll leave to hike the trail.
>There are many women in my life that will not be very happy about my taking
>off on the hike. I could go on and on about all that goes on in this head as
>to why I shouldn't hike. I just know that not hiking this year will leave me
>with thoughts like, "I wonder how many years I have left to hike?" Is this a
>good motive to hike? I don't know. What I do know is that the only way I'll
>know whether I want to hike is to hike.
>I guess why I haven't posted a response to you before is that I was
>unwilling to put it out there for others to see that I am hiking in 2007. So
>now that it's out there I am able to say that I'd like to hear from you and
>other 2007 hikers. Please feel free to email me and let's talk.
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