[pct-l] Attack on Scott and Tahquitz

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Wed Dec 20 13:01:25 CST 2006

Attack on Scott and trouble at Tahquitz?

I see it as the same issue.  Only takes one or two to make all the hikers 
look bad.  If I were a new hiker to this list to gather info to help me on a 
future thru-hike (gather info from an outside source????!!!) I would get a 
pretty bad impression of the list and possibility a slanted negative 
impression of PCT hikers.

Feeding the homeless there was a "psychologically challenged" individual in 
line.  When he came to the creamed spinach he let out in a loud voice "I 
hate creamed spinach!!".  He just stood there and continued complaining 
about creamed spinach in a loud voice.  Just about everyone around him, the 
volunteers and the homeless got a really bad feeling............ stuck with 
feeling yucky.  This was the only bad attitude in well over 100 homeless 
that day.  ALL others who didn't want creamed spinach just moved on.  Many 
were very grateful.  Still some of the volunteers got a bad impression of 
the homeless in general where, I have learned, most are relatively good 
people, and some of the souls priceless.  (Some kind of live and smell like 
thru-hikers too.)

I think my responding to this issue is kind of like feeding a dead horse.  I 
just changed my email address and hadn't made my adjustments for "Peace on 
Earth and Good Will Toward Men" as some still live "In sin and error, 
pining".  "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

The adjustment?  Works.  delete....delete....delete........ BLOCK SENDER 
brings wonderful results.  "I may not agree with what you say, but I will 
defend to the death" my right not to listen.  If you are the guy with the 
creamed spinach you are free to block my address also...........

Take what you want and disregard the rest please.

Scott?  Cool.  Great inspiration to hikers and many, many others.  I was 
there at the border when he said the words he was quoted on by the media: 
...... "Follow your dreams."  I intend to.

Best of  luck on your workshops and a very happy marriage.

Merry Christmas

Warner Springs Monty

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> Let me ask this of those who launch attacks on me from the anonymity of
> cyberspace. Have you met me? Do you know me? How about talking to me about 
> your
> concerns at this year's kick off party? I will be there and open to 
> discussing
> your concerns. I have spent a lot of time on the PCT and love this  trail 
> as
> much as anyone. This trail is my life and my love.  Talk to me in  person 
> if
> you are really so 'concerned', I am open to discussing like an adult  any
> issues about the trail that you JON and RANDY may have. I don't know you 
> and  you
> don't know me. What is your basis for your personal attacks on me? Talk to 
> me
> in person, otherwise  I am inclined to call you a coward.   Hope to see 
> you
> soon, SCOTT
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