[pct-l] My thoughts

Jon Danniken danniken at comcast.net
Wed Dec 20 18:20:19 CST 2006

Scott Williamson wrote:
> The trail has changed a great deal since I first hiked it in the early 
> 90's,
> and I can only imagine how drastic the change has been for people such as
> Jon,  who it sounds like has been around for awhile. I believe that it is 
> only
> going  to continue to grow.

Scott, I recognize that my perspective is not shared by the overwhelming 
majority of the participants on this list, including yourself.  That having 
been said, you are the first of those individuals to actually express an 
understanding of the concept which I am trying to convey, without resorting 
to calling me a troll (among other names), or insinuating that I possess 
some stress related (among other) psychological disorder.

This means a lot to me, Scott, and while we are not in agreement, I still 
thank you for not only being able to see that which is different from the 
mainstream perspective here, but for being willing to express it.


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