[pct-l] Tahquitz Inn Situation

Paul Mitchell paul at bluebrain.ca
Thu Dec 21 20:19:01 CST 2006

> We had SEVERAL rooms that were trashed, right
> down to carving initials into a table, drawing
> on the walls, and actually cutting up two sheets
> and a bedspread.

Wow ... you really did encounter a bunch of punks!

Every bit of trail magic that came our way felt like nothing short of a
minor miracle.  We felt hugely appreciative for every ride, every discount,
every bit of hospitality, and it seemed like so did all the other hikers we
met.  We left cash at every trail angel's place, big tips for the cleaning
staff in every room we stayed.  It's hard to believe so many could be so
selfish and unapreciative.

It takes a LOT of support to keep the PCT a hikable, enjoyable experience.
The trail builders, maintainers, lobbyists, hosts, water cache maintainers,
and so on.  How could anybody not feel infinitely lucky to have the
oportunity to be out there, be humbled by all that support, and instead feel
a sense of entitlement?  Some people's children!  I don't get it.

Well ... anyway, now what am I going to do with these socks I've been
wearing for the past few days?  They're getting ripe.  Send them to Donna, I


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