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The described technique below is also known as Russian Roulette.


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> Oh, I'm quite serious. Further, while this behavior might seem absurd to
> you, *MANY* hikers employ this strategy successfully. What exactly do you
> think the ultra-light crowd does religiously? FedEx? And they certainly
> aren't the first and only.
> Never would I recommend that someone sleep with their food. That is not 
> what
> I'm suggesting. I'm pointing out to you this is a widely practiced 
> technique
> used by many, for many decades, even in Yosemite (Lyell Canyon), where I 
> had
> the experience of putting myself between a bear and my food bag.
> As a hiker, you have to do what works for you and be responsible for that
> decision.
> (I told you B. , someone will always get their panties in a wad :)
> Scott
> I can't believe you are serious!  I've read reports on trailjournals about
> bears ripping into tents on the JMT looking for foodbags that they could
> smell.
>  I also know it happens in Yosemite, because I work here and have seen it
> first hand.
>  I also understand that there are places along the PCT where you may be
> able to get away with sleeping with your food...but not in the Sierra!
>  Let's be careful with the flippant cracks - not everyone here knows about
> you.
>  Katy
> stillroaming <pct at delnorteresort.com> wrote:
>    No, that is an example of not defending your food properly. Had your
> food
> bag been under your feet or head, I seriously doubt that would have
> happened.
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