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Personally, I would skip Chester, especially if you are willing to use mail drops.  I used a mail drop in Beldon and than carried 3-4 days of food to Old Station.  If you didn't want to carry 3-4 days you could send a drop to Drakesbad.  My goal, though, was to minimize town stops and I know that this wasn't the goal of everyone.

I will give a shout to the Timber Lodge though based on previous visits.  There is a fantastic bar there that serves up a mean Prairie Fire.

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> enyapjr at comcast.net wrote: 
> > That sounds very 'positive'... Glad the 2006 misunderstanding has been put to 
> rest! 
> > 
> > 2007 thrus - please make sure there is no repeat occurence at Drakesbad (or 
> ANY other 'stop' along 
> > the trail)! Future thrus (me included!) will thank you!... 
> > 
> > Yogi - what's the latest 'feel' for Chester? 
> i had a fine time in chester. i took a zero there and had to go to the 
> doctor there and everyone was very helpful and friendly. not the easiest 
> hitch in/out, but the folks who eventually picked me up were very 
> friendly. oh, and the community center next to the bowling alley let me 
> use the internet for like 3 hours for free, and nobody else was waiting 
> for me to finish. 
> girlscout 
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