[pct-l] PCTA office in Cascade Locks on hold

David Plotnikoff david at emeraldlake.com
Thu Dec 28 19:29:57 CST 2006

Story today from the Hood River News:

>Trail group's plans to locate in CL on hold
>News staff writer
>December 27, 2006
>Plans by the Pacific Crest Trail Association to locate a first-time 
>regional office for Oregon and Washington in Cascade Locks have been 
>put on hold.
>Executive Director Liz Bergeron said Wednesday that because part of 
>the funding came from the U.S. Forest Service, the recent vote by 
>Congress stymied it.
>"The idea is still viable but with the continuing resolution it 
>means there isn't funding for either the position or the office at 
>this point," she said.
>Bergeron added that the current PCT project manager position within 
>the U.S. Forest Service itself is also vacant. That position is 
>located out of the agency's Pacific Southwest Region office in 
>Vallejo, Calif.
>Under the continuing resolution, the government has enough spending 
>authority to keep the government operating through mid-February. 
>Some government agencies are not filling vacancies as a way to deal 
>with the situation. But that is not the case for the agency's 
>position in California, according to Mike Mathes, Forest Service 
>regional spokesman.
>"We have been acting to find another replacement, but we just didn't 
>leave the position vacant," Mathes said. "We even have a detailer in 
>there now on a part-time basis."
>He said the position within the agency is a longtime slot that isn't 
>affected by the current budget situation. Mathes said some of the 
>latest projects by the agency for the trail include a brand-new line 
>of maps on the Pacific Crest Trail.
>Bergeron said it's unlikely the Cascade Locks office and position 
>will go forward until the budget issue is resolved.
>The organization held a board meeting in Stevenson, Wash., this 
>summer. Port of Cascade Locks Director Chuck Daughtry and port 
>commissioners gave the board a tour of office space in the town, 
>including some in the port's main office building.
>The association had advertised until Dec. 8 for a regional 
>representative that would work with agency partners and volunteer 
>organizations to protect and enhance the trail. The intent was also 
>to have that person spend time outdoors and on the trail. They had 
>sought someone with a background in natural resources or recreation 
>with skills in trail design, construction and maintenance.

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