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I saw the Ursack advertised on the "Learning Channel" (KLCS locally) the other night.  The ad ran with a great documentary on the history of climbing in Yosemite, narrated by Tom Brokaw.  I was really surprised to see the ad.

BTW, I thought that hanging food (and/or tying food to any trees) was now strictly verbotten in the Sierra's national parks . . . can any of our resident rangers comment? 


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>Proper food storage (bear-bagging/hanging, SIBBG-approved containers,
>permanent bear boxes) is required in all major Sierra wilderness areas
>(Golden Trout, John Muir, Ansel Adams, Emigrant) and national parks
>(Yosemite, SEKI), at least from Kennedy Meadows (south) to Sonora Pass,
>and probably in the Desolation Wilderness as well.  
>In addition, a subset of these places require the use of SIBBG-approved
>containers (a/k/a canisters) where permanent boxes are not
>available--these include much of Yosemite and high-use areas in Inyo NF
>and SEKI.
>Note that even in the areas where canisters are not required, sleeping
>with food, leaving it lying around, stuffing it in deep cracks, etc. are
>not legal, since these are not considered proper food storage techniques
>for any of the major Sierra wilderness areas or national parks.
>Also, note that it may not be possible to store food properly without a
>canister even in places where they are not required--bear boxes can be
>full and suitable trees for hanging can be scarce.  Also, if you're
>going to use hanging, you must actively defend your food against bears
>(throw rocks/bang pots), since hanging is considered at best a delay
>tactic nowadays.  Hanging should not be considered if you don't know how
>to do it correctly/effectively, or if you're a deep sleeper who won't
>notice when Yogi's around.
>The best bet is to consult 
>The Ursack Hybrid (the one with the aluminum liner)--and only the
>Hybrid--is conditionally approved as a SIBBG-approved storage container.
>Since it had a (mostly) successful 2006 season, the conditional approval
>hasn't been revoked.  The Bearikade, Garcia/Backpacker's Cache, and
>latest BearVault are also all approved.
>Some useful links:
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>> I have a question for those familiar with the current food 
>> container requirements on the PCT.
>>   Specifically, are bear cannisters REQUIRED, or is something 
>> like the Ursack recommended/approved for use, especially in 
>> the Sierras.
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