[pct-l] Big, Big PCT Kickoff Announcements

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Sat Dec 30 10:34:17 CST 2006

As promised, I have several  surprise announcements for you about the PCT 
April Kickoff at Lake Morena.  
First, I will have  paper copies of the Spring 2007 Collector's Edition of my 
SuperSecrets of  Backpacking (most available at PostHoler.com/Switchback 
Second, an earth shattering  announcement and massive tsunami in 
Backpackerdom.  This will be  historical and change backpacking forever.  All campers will 
be adding this  to their gear inventory and shelter kit.  
There will be a free drawing at my  Gear & Technique seminar.  The grand 
prize ....... drum roll, please  .......
"PINK FLAMINGO TENT STAKES" (see  REI.com, item number 695167).
Yes, now all thru hikers and  PCT/AT/CDT Yo-Yo hikers will be quickly adding 
and carrying them for the  2007 campaign.  Everyone else will rush out to get 
some too for their  expeditions, so they will look professional and up to date 
on the  trail.  But you might be the lucky one to get yours free at my  
seminar.  Others will be green with envy as you proudly carry off your  prize.  To 
all of you that now have to replan your gear and  recalculate your weights, I 
Thank you for your attention.   And please do not shower me with praises and 
complements, you will only  embarrass me.
Your pal, Switchback 
PS: As a minor prize to  go along with the Pink Flamingo stakes, there will 
be a  10-pack of Tite-Lite Titanium Stakes with  the tops painted florescent 
orange.  These are the Extreme Ultra Light  grade shelter stakes.  Thanks  again.

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