[pct-l] KM 2 VVR

stillroaming pct at delnorteresort.com
Sun Dec 31 19:48:45 CST 2006

While I didn't hike last year, but have done this, I might offer some 

If I was starting a hike at KM, I wouldn't consider doing the whole stretch 
unless you are in really good shape. The typical through hiker has been on 
the trail for a month or so and is physically ready to do this 9 to 10 day 

The upside of just starting your hike from KM is, you probably won't have 
the initial daily, hunger thing a through hiker has after being on the trail 
for a month. Which means you could *probably* skimp on food a bit, for the 
first day or two anyways.

And if you're not in that kind of shape, like someone said add a resupply 
stop and enjoy the trip, as opposed to making it a death march.

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