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One  suggestion: Use a rain cover for your pack. They are lightweight and 
they keep  the pack from absorbing water which then leaks into the inside of the 
pack as  pointed out below. The elimination of absorbed water keeps the pack 
weight  from increasing. Stuff inside my pack has never gotten wet from rain 
when I  have used a cover.  Pieces  -----------------------
If you like outside rain bags for your pack, then that is fine.  The  hit on 
them has always been they leak and are affected by wind too much.   Of course, 
if you have found a pack bag that works for you, then great.
The outside pack bags I have found  the best are the ones with a draw string 
at the bottom to make the bag snug  around the pack.  Often when there is 
rain, there is wind and having the  outside bag tight around your pack is a plus.
It is kind of nice to bang along  the trail in the rain and know your 
contents are dry.  If the wind is not  too high, then the solar umbrella deployed is 
very nice.  This adds some  pack protection too along with protection to the 
upper portion of your  body.  You still need a rain jacket and leg rain 
For body protection I like the  5-6 ounce GossamereGear.com Driducks 
Micropore jacket with  hood and the 1.5 ounce SpinnChaps.  I modified the chaps with a 
simple  Velcro belt for my waist.  For my hands I carry some 1 ounce Gortex  
mittens.  So, my body rain protection is around half a pound.  Not bad  for 
something so important.  I like jackets better than  capes.
Cheers,  Switchback
The Wild Bunch Trail  Bandit

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