[pct-l] Is it just me?

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It's not just you.  Our refrigerator condenser died last week.  The stereo
in the Corolla died this last weekend - actually, only a partial death - no
radio sound, even though the lights are on, and no vocal tracks on CDs.  CD
music comes through.  Oh, and our (clunky) digital camera, an HP, died a
couple of weeks ago.  And one of our cats is making way more white blood
cells than she's supposed to -

Sunspots.  Gotta be.


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Is it just me or are all of the electronic conveniences that we rely on
taking a huge dump right now?  The list servers go down, my cell phone
messages get
delivered two days later, my computer at home is acting like a sick robot,
truck is miss firing, I can't send emails "right now, try again later", I
hung up on waiting to get a permit from the USFS FOUR times!!!!

Are there sun spots going on or something?

"When the complex technology that this society so heavily relies upon
catastrophically fails, it will be that small segment of society that
understands how
to intimitately live close to the land that will not only survive, but
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