[pct-l] Annual Hiker Exam

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Sun Jul 16 15:55:24 CDT 2006

Seasoned hiker, Grumpy, went  to his long time doctor for his annual exam 
before the start of the yearly  hiking campaign.  
His doctor said, "Grumpy, you appear to  be in good health.  Do you have any  
medical concerns you would like to ask me about?" 
"In fact, I do," said the old trail  warrior.  "After I have sex I am  
usually hot
and sweaty, and then, after I have sex the second time, I am  usually cold 
and chilly.  It has me  worried, but my main squeeze, Trail Dust, has been good 
about  it." 

After examining his hiker babe,  Trail Dust, the doctor said, "Everything 
appears to be fine.  Do you have any medical concerns that you  would like to 
discuss with me?"  

Trail Dust replied that she had no  questions or concerns.  

The doctor then said to her: "Your  hiking partner and husband had an unusual 
concern.  He claims that he is usually hot and  sweaty after having sex with 
you the first time, and then cold and chilly after  the second time.  Do you 
know  why?” 

"Oh, that crazy old trail  pirate!" she replied. "That's because the first 
time is usually in August and  the second time is in January. 
Another outstanding piece of trail humor from your hiking buddy,  Switchback 
the Trail Pirate

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