[pct-l] Best map - Manning to Stehekin

Dave Canty dc23 at nyu.edu
Tue Jul 18 12:15:03 CDT 2006

Sarah, I did this hike last year, and used Green Trails maps, which were
fine. Beware there is a stretch, as you get closer to Stehekin, with a
pretty major burn and a lack of water (ask USFS for exact location), so be
sure and keep a good supply with you.

If your hike ends in Stehekin, you needn't worry about the detour around
Glacier Peak, as that's further south.

I, on the other hand, will be hiking from Steven's Pass to Stehekin (NOBO),
and will take the detour. I know about the fords on the Napeequah and
Chiwawa, with the former best in the morning. Any other advice or trail
reports out there? Much appreciated! -- Dave

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> Check your local outdoor stores - REI, Adventure 16, etc. - you may still
find a copy of the old USDA USFS map series on the entire PCT. You'll want
the "PCNST Washington Northern Portion"  map.
> You can also look for the Green Trail maps of the same area. They're kept
current, use a large (1:69,500) scale, but show all the trails in the area.
You'll need about 6 maps, maybe more if you take the highly recommened
temporary re-route around the flood damaged section near Glacier Peak.
> Wandering Bob
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>   I plan to walk from Manning to Stehekin some time in August.  I think
getting the entire Washington book or PCT handbook would be overkill for
this relatively short hike where I don't plan to resupply.
>   What is the best resource for a good topo map for this jaunt?  I looked
on mytopo.com, but I don't see the PCT marked by name, so I wasn't sure if I
was fully covering the trail.
>   Is there anything else I should be aware of other than the need for cash
in Stehekin?
>   I will have my US passport, but I'm under the impression that nobody
really checks the re-entry to the US?
>   Is the Manning Lodge near the trail head, and can I get a good breakfast
there before hitting the trail?
>   Thanks in advance,
>   Sarah
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> Good evening, Sarah,
> I didn't use the guidebook for that section, I used a USFS fold-out map
entitled, PCT - Washington, North which I found satisfactory.  I do not know
if it continues to be available.
> For Manning information see this site:
> The lodge is within a few hundred yards of the trail head.  In 2002 when I
finished at Manning there were several restraunts and a little
convenience/novelty store, but I do not know when they open.
> Enjoy...
> Steel-Eye

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