[pct-l] Help with PCT Changes in Washington

Schifrin Benjamin benschif at mac.com
Thu Nov 2 13:12:42 CST 2006

Hey, Gang-- it's me, again, the Thorn in Your Side.

First, let me thank the handful of you that have given me your  
advice, about changes to the upcoming guidebooks. A pox upon the rest  
of you.

Second, let me ask for some more advice, specifically, about Washington:

A. Have any of you recently stopped at Three Corner Rock water trough  
(Section H, page 214 or Map H3)? I haven't heard of anyone detouring  
there, in years, and I'm thinking of omitting it.

B. Who has used Stampede Pass weather station for water recently? How  
did it go? Friendly? (Section I, page Map i13).

C. How many of you DID NOT use the Glacier Peak Bypass in the last  
few years? (I know of many Big Guns who don't, routinely). How did  
the major fords go?

D. Of those of you who DID use the Glacier Peak Bypass, how many  
tried White River Trail, rather than Indian Creek? Who used High Pass  
(oh, yeah!) rather than Little Giant?

Love to hear from you,

Ben Schifrin
Wilderness Press
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