[pct-l] triple crown and those before us

JoAnn M. Michael jomike at cot.net
Sun Nov 5 15:16:31 CST 2006

Crossing the divide this year, and being a bit of a
history buff, think of the divide crossing that
happened 200 years ago: The Lewis and Clark
Expedition.  In his journal, Lewis wrote: "As we
passed on, it seemed those scenes of visionary
enchantment would never have an end".  


".history buff.Lewis and Clark Expedition." Me too. The more I read and
learn of their journey, the more I respect all the people of the Expedition.
It is mind boggling to try to put my head around their accomplishments;
ability to function with such minimal tools to make their way with; absence
of knowledge as to precisely where they were going, what they'd see and have
to cope with; and the sheer guts, strength and will power to persevere and
to have been so incredibly successful.


Again, you "done good" in all your accomplishments. And, I like the style
and emotion of your writing.



Are we there yet

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