[pct-l] 2-3 month section hike planning help

Phil Baily pbaily at webuniverse.net
Tue Nov 7 17:09:37 CST 2006

Another thought:

Go North to South and end with the John Muir Trail in August. Unless 
it is a high snow winter, it should be snow free and a spectacular 
walk. You can get your hiking legs on the further north part of the 
PCT, Sections M, L, K, J, and I increase in difficulty roughly in 
that order. You can start wherever you think time allows.

I have not walked further north in California. The PCT in Oregon is 
comparatively easy walking and you might also  consider that.


At 06:54 AM 11/7/06, Chris Willett wrote:

>Rather than starting in June with a lot of snow, why not put off the hike
>for a few weeks?  You could wait until, say, July 1.  If you want to make
>logistics as simple as possible, you could come in at Reds Meadow and hike
>north from there without running in to really nasty snow (some but a lot
>less).  You'll run into thruhikers at some point.  In the time in between
>graduation and the PCT, do a few trips on the AT.
>On 11/6/06 8:19 PM, "Alexander F. Rigney" <arigney at uvm.edu> wrote:
> > If I don't attempt another thru-hike next yr, I'd like to spend the
> > majority of the summer hiking with my girlfriend who graduates in late
> > may.
> >
> > Starting around early june would put us logically with most of the
> > thrus, south of the Sierra, but I fear this isn't the section to start
> > with.  She has little to no backpacking experience, and i'm afraid the
> > Sierras, especially in heavy snow might scare her off.  I have
> > virtually no snow travel, navigational experience myself (I've hiked
> > from Campo to I-10 and the AT).
> >
> > Would starting further north, say near Sierry City be more beneficial,
> > so we can ease into the miles, or will we still deal with much snow?
> > Where would you suggest starting and then shooting for from a window
> > of June 1st to mid-august.  I figured the smooth miles of no.Cal and
> > Oregon would be a good starter for her as well, and maybe some of the
> > thru-hikers will eventually catch up.  Any thoughts would be most
> > appreciated.  Deep down I feel she'd have a better time adjusting to
> > trail life on the AT, but I'm not too enthused to re-hike major
> > sections, when there is so many new PCT miles!
> >
> > Thanks, A-Train
> >
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