[pct-l] Hiking the PCT wihout a shelter?

Mike Saenz msaenz at mve-architects.com
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Just one word: MOSQUITOS
But I suppose you could just keep hiking through these too.


Tarps come in some remarkably light weights...

Super-dooper-ultra-light (read: open trash bag) can weigh in at about 2
to 3 ounces.

But after it all is debated, a good night's sleep is worth the 24 ounces
a decent UL tent weighs.

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Many PCT thru-hikers said that they needed a shelter less than 10 times
thier thru-hike.  how bad of an idea is it to attempt a thru-hike
without a 
shelter?  If it were raining, the shelterless hiker would probably have
hike until it dried out, to keep body temperature up until the rain


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