[pct-l] Hiking the PCT wihout a shelter?

Steve Courtway scourtway at bpa-arch.com
Tue Nov 28 18:00:39 CST 2006

One evening on the JMT, I waited out a storm in my tarp-tent in Paradise 
Valley, and packed it up and kept walking until I dropped after the rain 
stopped - no energy to set up, and the storm gone, I slept under the stars - 
only to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to realize there was still some heavy 
humidity hanging around, which was accumulating on my 30deg down bag - 
obviously sending me into a panic, prompting me to jump up and set up my 

I'd say not a very good idea....... the parka / hiking pole shelter seems 
like a good minimalist solution.


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> Many PCT thru-hikers said that they needed a shelter less than 10 times on
> thier thru-hike.  how bad of an idea is it to attempt a thru-hike without 
> a
> shelter?  If it were raining, the shelterless hiker would probably have to
> hike until it dried out, to keep body temperature up until the rain 
> stopped.
> Hermese
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