[pct-l] New Gear Company

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Fri Feb 2 01:08:49 CST 2007

Say, I have a great idea.  Someone should give me $100 million and I will start making cool backpacking gear.
I think the goal should be to have an integrated system under 10 pounds base pack weight.  That should appeal to the most people and still be very light weight.
I would hire a lot of you folks to work for me.  It would be the Google of the backpacking world.  At our HQ we would have climbing walls, walking tracks through the woods and along the beach, and lots of campouts off site to test, think, and dream about gear.  Everyone would have a hybrid vehicle paid for by the company.
Our motto would be, "Where smart shoppers become satisfied customers".  We would donate part of our profits to trail maintenance across the country.  Our company name would be "Endless Trails, LLC".
I would pay myself a big salary with a handsome severance package for failure if we lose money or go belly up.  That way I could go on a fully supported thru hike.  Don't blame me, it's the American way.
"Have Pack, Will Travel"
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