[pct-l] Mountain Lion Attacks

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I like it!  However, I think we could TRADE our laminations for ones that we
WISHED we looked like!  That way we could say things like, "well yea you
think I am not good enough for you, but you have not seen be walking away!
Walking away I am MUCH hotter." 

By the way, does this mean the list is up and running again?  Or has it
been?  I have not seen a posting for a couple days.

BillB (your trailname here)

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A cheap and possibly effective lion deterrent could be to wear a stylized
human face aka a mask affixed to the back of ones' pack. This is one
strategy that the honey and wood gatherers who enter the Sundarbans in India
employ to distract the Royal Bengal Tigers who stalk and eat about 300 of
these workmen each year. The obvious theory is that the big cats attack from
the rear of their prey, most of the time, and seeing a human face staring
back from a prey moving away would confuse a cat long enough for the
honey-gatherer to say his prayers to Bono Bibi, before being killed.
Strangely enough, right after reading some of this thread, I turned on the
TV and there was Neil Hamm, the recent lion-attack survivor, in hospital,
giving an interview. He didn't say from with direction the lion pounced
from. I wonder if someone with a color-copier and a laminating machine could
set up a booth at the ADZPCTKO; a bunch of hikers with laminated life-size
photos of their face (or someone e
 lse's) tacked onto their pack could be a fun sight. Maybe they'd even
become collectibles eventually, like baseball cards; especially the ones
that survived a lion attack. Maybe this is why that hiker about 8 years ago
carried a full-size cardboard mannequin of Kathy Ireland all the way up the


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