[pct-l] trail fest

Brick Robbins brick at fastpack.com
Tue Feb 6 20:01:41 CST 2007

A joke, then a question and an observation:

Q: What is the difference between a thru hiker and a filthy homeless bum?
A: Gortex.

How much does trail-fest cost? Looks to me that if you are a PCTA
member, it costs $55. Not too bad for 2 days of meeting & classes and
a dinner.

The hotel is just a suggestion, probably one of the closest to the
event location, AND the PCTA got you a deal on it. I doubt the PCTA
makes any money off the hotel. If you are a corporate type, used to
going to conferences and meetings at hotels, you would probably feel
uncomfortable with anything less. And I bet you have the bank balance
to pay for the hotel AND write the PCTA a big check.

For you homeless bum thru hiker types (that would include me) I'm sure
you can use your thru-hiker experience to scrounge up a cheaper place
to stay that might not be as close as the "Homewood Suites by Hilton,"
and might, god forbid, require you walk a ways to the event: or have
you gone soft since your little jaunt upon the Crest? Bring your
Gortex: it is Seattle, so it will probably be raining.


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