[pct-l] sleeping open in the desert?

Slow Comfort slow.comfort at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 20:49:34 CST 2007

I've done a lot of desert camping...no problem really.  Couple of
basics I stick to for a desert open camp includes using common sense
for ants, and I've learned to camp before dark.  There's very little
else to worry about.  Snakes don't want nothing to do with you.  Some
of them hunt at night but I've yet to meet the person that had one
crawl in bed with them.


On 2/6/07, matthew lesniewicz <mlesswicz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> so how do most feel about sleeping out open in the desert, CAMPO-KM? I'm talking ground cloth, bivouac, tarp. How are the creepy crawlies, everything included. Do many go this route with the open exposure out there. Personally I like the connection to the elements, but I haven't done much desert camping either, especially socal. Should there be much concern, with any one particular species, snakes, ants etc.? I n the bivouac not much can get to you, but I've heard stories of waking up to a rattler on a guys' chest, yeeks! I like the thought of carrying a tarp  for quick shade relief during high noon breaks. Has anyone  ever attempted to collect water from condensation on plastic with plants underneath and a funnelled drainage hole for collection in a pot. One of the good ole survival tricks I read about. I wonder how much water you actually catch overnight, maybe enough for a schwill for breakfast. I'm sure every drop would count out there though. I had another thought for
>  shade relief, I've never tried this, only a idea, what about using a car window shield visor, those reflective shiny heat deterrents. I good sized one for a larger vehicle maybe. You could hold it over you for quick relief on breaks, possibly pre rig it somehow with rope. They're actually padded too and if you fold them there comfy and almost thicker and larger than a ridgerest.  Two for one jobby, shade and sleep pad. Sound pretty silly or take it to kickoff for innovative gear? Or maybe just use a dam umdrella!!!!!
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