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Sorry,  can someone explain this?  You put a foam pad under the tent instead 
of a  groundsheet?  Would something like this possibly do that
job well: _http://www.gossamergear.com/cgi-bin/gossamergear/thinlight.html_ 
I use the GossamerGear.com NightLight 3/4 pad under my tent and their  torso 
pad inside my tent.  Along with my Trekker pillow, I am in  business.  I 
figure the pad under the tent not only protects the bottom  well, but even elevates 
me a little if it rains.  I have no idea when and  where I started doing this 
instead of a ground cloth.  But I stopped using  ground cloths years ago in 
favor of a pad.  It works great.  When I  get into my tent the floor in the 
middle is all foam pad, so I do not punch  holes in the floor with my knees if 
there is something sharp on the ground under  the tent - something I missed.  
The side areas on both sides of the floor  pad is where I put my gear.  Works 
very nicely.
Just to go a step further, I seam  sealed glued some Velcro patches on the 
bottom of the tent floor and on the  smooth side of the foam pad.  This is 
because the rolled up pad is much  easier to attach under the tent with the Velcro 
patches.  Only takes a few  seconds to make it flat and solidly attached to 
the floor -- no shifting.   If I need to move my freestanding Seedhouse SL, the 
pad is attached to floor and  I just pick everything up and move it.  Simple.
May be I go overboard with all this,  but it works very well and I have had 
no problems with these  techniques.
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