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I experienced a demonic squirrel at Grouse Meadows who would not leave my tent alone all night, and dug my pole strap out from under my ground sheet, tent, and directly under my head, to chew it up for the salt.  I had to bring everything inside the tent to keep it away from this pint-sized monster.  I was glad to have the barrier between him and me.  At one point we were eye-to-eye, about two inches apart, with only the Shire's Virga netting between us, and I could tell he was one determined little rodent. 


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>I hear cars going back & forth past my house all the time.  Great
>thing to tell your grand kids, about the cat tracks around your bag.
>Unusual about the fox though, that's a one in a million!  Lucky guy!
>Shoot, black ants don't bite, not the big ones anyway.
>On 2/6/07, AsABat <AsABat at 4jeffrey.net> wrote:
>> While sleeping under the stars:
>> - Hearing a horse running back and forth past my sleeping bag at 2 in
>> the morning, waking up in the morning to find mountain lion tracks all
>> around my sleeping bag.
>> - My friend waking up at 1 a.m. to a desert kit fox staring him in the
>> face, 2 inches from his nose.
>> - Waking up covered in big black ants after finding the only level
>> camping site, between lots of fallen logs.
>> > The most bizarre thing I've had happen is having big black carpenter
>> ants
>> > periodically fall (jump?) out of a tree I was camped underneath.
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