[pct-l] Gossamer Gear G4 vs. newer Mariposa packs

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Fri Feb 9 21:02:46 CST 2007


Satisfied Mariposa user here.  I found the same two things you've
mentioned.  Realized that the straight stays basically couldn't be used,
given the two opposite curves of the back where the pack is in contact. 
Consider the stays as a nice thought, and find some other use for them,
not necessarily for backpacking.  I also noted the narrow set of the
shoulder pads, and after wearing the pack around the house a bit, decided
to carry some strips of fleece to wrap around them alongside the neck. 
The strips would have been pinned in place with safety pins usually used
for hanging socks off the pack to dry.  However, with the pack loaded,
I've not had any discomfort at the neck while hiking, and haven't used the
fleece strips.

Paul Mitchell
> In 03 I hiked with a G4 and never had any complaints.  Granted, it's the
> only time I've ever hiked and the only pack I've hiked with, so no frame
> of
> reference really, but I liked it.
> I picked up the new mariposa pack and although I haven't taken it out with
> a
> full load to test it out, I've tried it on and I'm not sure it's the pack
> for me.  Curious if anybody has a perspective on these few details:
> A) This is my main concern: With no frame but the sleeping pad, I would
> pack
> the G4 in such a way that the foam pad would conform nicely to the shape
> of
> my back.  I liked the full contact against my entire back, the slight
> pressure against my lower back seems to keep it happy.  The new pack
> design
> has the two stays which keep the foam pad completely rigid so it doesn't
> conform to the shape of my back.  I find even after just trying the pack
> on
> and making adjustments my lower back is already tense.  Anybody have any
> perspective on a rigid straight backed pack verses pad only setups?
> B) the shoulder straps are really wide and close together and I find they
> cut into the sides of my neck.
> I wasn't expecting to not like anything about this pack, but it's hard for
> me to imagine these two things getting better with more weight and time,
> so
> now I'm wondering if I should patch up my G4.
> Anyway, just curious if anybody has any insights to share.
> Cheers,
> Paul
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