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There can be no sense of victory without the possibility of defeat.
If that were not true there would be no thrill, excitement or joy.  A
challenge is not truly a challenge unless the possibility exists that
it cannot be overcome.  The choice whether to engage the adventure or
not is dependent upon the character makeup of an individuals
mentality.  Is there a possibility of danger?  Of course, but with
commonsense and care, danger is reduced to acceptable levels for
1,000's of hikers along the PCT each year.  Weigh the risk against the
possibility of victory in accomplishment and let your character decide
according to what moves you the most.


On 2/9/07, dsaufley at sprynet.com <dsaufley at sprynet.com> wrote:
> If you've prepared well, the drive to and from the trail head will probably be the most dangerous part of your journey.  The best advice:  get out there and hike!!!  Life is full of risk.  If you're really, really lucky, you'll see one of these beautiful animals.
> L-Rod
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> >I'm a  (relatively) new hiker (day hikes only, no overnights since Boy Scouts 45 yrs. ago) and I'm a little hesitant at times to go since I go alone and there has been quite an increase in mountain lion attacks, sightings and stalkings (another one just two weeks ago) here in California.  Any opinions, good areas, trails, sightings, cheap prices on bazookas, advice???
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> >Jim
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