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You've simply outdone yourself this time!  L-Rod

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>All this talk about the upcoming  PCTA event got me thinking......again.  I 
>am now publicly volunteering to be on the  program at the 2008 Trail Fest if it 
>is at the Mission Inn in Riverside,  CA.  I want to be in Gallery Room again 
>like the last time.
>The topic of my talk will be, "How  to have maximum Goof Off on your PCT hike 
>and other fun hiking things to  do."
>Marketing hype: "Learn from the  Trail Pirate, Switchback, the first person 
>to declare for the PCT  Yo-Yo-Yo.  Learn from the inventor of SuperSecrets of 
>Backpacking the trail  tricks you need to know for a quality hike."
>Just a short list of presentation topics:
>-- How to maximize your trail angel encounter.
>-- Where are the best trailtown saloons and what to do.
>-- How to get your trail partner to carry more community gear than you  do.
>-- Secrets on how to enhance  your spittoon spitting techniques.
>-- How to win the Pancake  Challenge.
>-- How to sleep with your gear when  taking a Zero Day.
>-- How to find a gourmet cook trail  partner.
>-- How to bust the chops of other  hikers with your lighter gear.
>-- Slack packing when no one is  around.
>-- How to set hiking records  without setting them.
>-- Terminator female leadership  types' defenses and countermeasures.
>-- How to talk and look like a  backpacker without hiking.
>-- Arm chair hiking techniques and  procedures.
>-- Mojave Red beer and other fine  drinks for the trail.
>-- How to out gear a gear  gizmo.
>-- Picking a cool  trailname.
>-- How to harass hikers on the  PCT-L.
>-- How to get your name mentioned  at thru hiker's campfire chats.
>-- Trail ambushes and other  resupply techniques.
>-- Trailtown pillaging and sacking  etiquette.
>-- Dehydrated water and zero weight  gear.
>-- How to auction off your trail  partners for fun and profit.
>Etc., etc., etc.
>I think this will be a very popular  PowerPoint program with a standing room 
>only attendance.  In fact, I think  it will be the most popular program ever 
>offered at Trail Fest.
>Thank you for your attention and  participation at the 2008 PCTA Trail Fest.
>Switchback, the Guest Speaker
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