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Dusty Wallace dusterbuddy at comcast.net
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One more benefit of having Rachel Ray around is she would do all the
cooking, cleaning and serving but you wouldn't have to tip her because she
never tips anyone on her "$40 a day" show.

Kim the over tipper

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I had to  Google "Rachel Ray"...   Admittedly, I had no clue (and after  
obtaining the 'answer', I'm not at all embarrassed about it, either!)...   

Perhaps you watch too much TV? - instead of being out on the  trail!  But if

you watch TV while walking on a treadmill - all is  forgiven!!   ;-)
Actually, I think  Rachel Ray is very hot.  I think to myself, "Wow, what a
great trail  partner she would make!"  Can you imagine her around the
campsite in the  evening after a hard day of campaigning on the trail.  You
could just kick  back and watch the show.  A whirlwind of activity rustling
up some great  trail grub.

You would not even have to clean  up.  She would do that too.  A trail woman
that a man would worship  the ground she walks on.
Switchback, the Appreciative Trail Partner
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