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Vic Hanson vichansonperu at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 12 21:05:49 CST 2007

OK     ...so I loathe hiking in any type of rain jacket.   So how do 
most hikers deal with the rain in the northern secion(s) of the PCT, 
especially Washington ??   Can you just hike through it like most of 
us did on the AT or is it too cool ??

  Thanks in advance    ...

We had a few days of cold wet weather last year when I went through California (leaving Wrightwood, 1 in the Sierras and 1 leaving Seiad Valley), I don't remember any in Oregon but it rained the 2nd day in Washington and most of the last week. The biggest problem I had was cold wet hands. I get cold easy, especially my hands. I thought about buying lined dishwashing gloves (bright yellow!), has anyone tried them? 
  For rain gear I used a poncho (covered the pack too), didn't work well in the wind and was hard to get on over the pack when I was alone. After I lost the poncho I used a large garbage bag, which also covered the pack and was like walking in a short tight dress (I would assume anyway - never tried the dress). At Seiad Valley I got my cheap ($10 on sale) North Face rain jacket with hood, non breathable, which I use the rest of the way. I left it open most of the time, and used my painter's plastic ground sheet over my pack. 
  I also wore a plastic hat cover (available from horseloverz.com, for cowboy hats) over my wide brim hat. I wore light nylon shorts that also had baggy legs that attached with velcro. They kept me warm while hiking, even when wet, and dried quickly when the rain stopped. I didn't carry rain pants. 
  I just saw that Gossamer Gear has rain chaps. Has anyone tried these? They are made of spinnaker cloth (waterproof) and weigh 1.6 oz but are pricey at $45. http://www.gossamergear.com/cgi-bin/gossamergear/Spinn_Chaps.html
  I started on Apr. 28 and finished on Sep. 25. Others that were just ahead of us and just behind us had colder weather and snow the last week or so in Washington. I carried a i-button thermometer that took an hourly temp. reading for the whole hike but somehow the password got set and the results were not able to be read. Patch said he would post the results from the others that carried them but I don't recall ever seeing them.
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