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Getting WAY of topic, but:

Mathematically speaking, a perfectly vertical surface isn't a "slope" by
definition (it's all coming back to me now!), therefore there would be
no gradient, or it would be an "undefined slope".

But to pull this back on-topic:

The PCT seems to always be the same grade... I think I heard once that
this is by design. Granted, some parts of the trail are obviously
steeper than others, but overall, the average slope is usually somewhere
around (in my rough estimation) 6-8%. Is there any definitive info on

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Trying to divide a vertical rise by no run results in a.........

divide by zero error !!!


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> You still got it, but I'm still confused.  If I were to climb El
> at
> a 90 degree angle (right?), what would the gradient be?
> Sly
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> A 45 DEGREE ANGLE  does not equate to a 50% gradient. 1 unit rise in 1

> unit
> run = 1/1=1 (100%),  so a 45 degree angle, half a 90 degree angle
(your "
> straight up") is 100%  gradient.
> Yeah... I still got  it!
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