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yogi yogihikes at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 13 22:57:22 CST 2007

well.........I can top that!  My pocketmail has been
on one PCT hike and three CDT hikes!!  It now has its
own name:  YoMagLow, named for the three of us who
have carried it long-distance.


--- Trekker4 at aol.com wrote:

>     I used Pocketmail for my first 475-mile section
> hike on the PCT in '05, 
> and my final 125-mile section hike on the CO Tr in
> '06; I'll definitely use it 
> from Agua Dulce to S Kennedy Meadows this spring;
> I'll be there about three 
> weeks before 15 Jun, so I may go hike part of the
> CDT, the GET (Blisterfree's 
> Grand Enchantment, not the Great Eastern), the AZ
> Tr, or the Hayduke to try to 
> get in about two months total this year.  
>     I've never had any problems with it; I use
> lithium AAs, which last at 
> least a month. It's been involuntarily tossed about
> 10 feet once (I was just 
> hiking along typing on the keyboard when I tripped,
> and it went flying.), dropped 
> several times, and gotten a bit wet once. I just
> subscribe for the three 
> months I need it each hiking season.
>     I use some of the features to keep expense
> records, daily mileage 
> records, and ratings of different dinners. I also
> write short stories on mine. I 
> compose daily trail condition and water reports for
> those that want them, for 
> whatever trail I'm hiking. In other words I enjoy
> playing with mine while hiking. 
>     I just saw Pickaxe Pete on Still Walking, so now
> I know who he is. Last 
> summer I had the honor of having dinner with Gudy
> Gaskill, who bulldogged the 
> CO Tr into existence in just 10 years, at the home
> of the trail maintenance 
> supervisor where I left my car in Durango CO;
> apparently Gudy had never seen a 
> Pocketmail. In spring 05, I met the founder of the
> PNT, Ron Strickland, in a 
> snowfield in southern CA; he'd possibly never seen a
> Pocketmail before either, or 
> at least never seen one being used. 
> Bob "Trekker"
> Big Bend Desert Denizen
> Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas
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