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Fri Feb 16 02:42:31 CST 2007

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Not to  worry you too much, but I overheard some female leadership types 
arguing about  how much an old pirate would fetch from the Indian traders down  
Yes, I heard the same thing.  I am not worried because I will be  wearing a 
large black knee brace on my left knee.  The traders will  immediately know I 
am lame.  There is no trade value in lame and  damaged goods.  I am safe.  They 
on the other hand are very  tradable.  
If you were an Indian, who would  you trust?  A gimpy one eyed patched old 
Trail Pirate or Terminator Female  Leadership types?  The answer is oblivious.  
I will be doing land office business  down by the river auctioning off my 
expedition partners.  If you were  an Indian, who would you want to trade for?  
It's not a lame Trail  Pirate.  
The only question is whether I want  more blankets or turquoise jewelry.  I 
like both, but I am thinking that I  might go for the jewelry, since it is 
smaller and more easily transportable  out of the canyon.
Thank you for your concern about my welfare and safety.  This is one  of the 
benefits of our community, to know that others are wishing you  well.
Switchback the Trail  Pirate

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