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What's your total winter pack weight?

Jim Keener <jlkeener at yahoo.com> wrote:

 in response to Jeff and Strider . . .

Dana Terraplane.

I was in my 50s when I began backpacking, and I went
to the Marmot Mountaineering Store in Berkeley. Almost
a religious experience, as it was housed in what had
been a Russian Orthodox church. Anyway, I was there to
buy my first backpack ever. And this fine fellow,
James, asked me which pack I wanted. And I responded,
"Dana Astraplane". He started laughing - honest. When
he recoevered, he asked me why I wanted that
particular pack, and I said, "because it's the biggest
pack made." And he started laughing again. Mind you,
he had just completed the AT the year before. When I
told him I wanted to do some snow camping, he talked
me down to the Terraplane. What a pack! Padded
comfort. James spent four hours fitting the pack to me
and showing me how to best stow items in the pack. A
great guy. I bought him a burrito.

Chipper and Jeff carried Terraplanes without the top
compartment on their hike in 2004. Those packs are
bombproof. Massively marvelously made packs. At
something north of eight pounds, a bit heavy.

You can see a picture of my pack loaded for a snowshoe
trip to Yosemite at



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