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Sean Nordeen sean at lifesadventures.net
Sun Feb 18 19:38:07 CST 2007

Shhhhh.... Squatch said he wasn't going to announce it until Monday!

Oh well, since the cats out of the bag.  According to Squatch, I bought the first copy of his new film and I watched it on Saturday.

It was great!  Fantastic!  And the big discount he gave me didn't sway my opinion one bit!

Oh wait... (checks receipt) He charged me full price!  I've been cheated!  Ripped-off!  That DVD was the biggest piece of junk I've ever seen!  It should be thrown in the garbage and never be seen on the face of this Earth!  It really sucked.  How could someone make something that bad...

Just Kidding!

Actually, I enjoyed it more then "More Walking".  It had a different feel to it compared to his first 2 documentaries.  I attribute that to him walking a good distance of the trail himself this time.  I really enjoyed it and recommend everyone to skip paying for one movie in the theater and buying this instead.  It will be a more enjoyable time.


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> Just saw Scott Herriott's latest DVD in his PCT Walking series, 
> covering the 2006 hiking season - really enjoyed it. If you were out 
> on the PCT last year, a lot of familiar faces. (just to keep the 
> record straight, including Susan's and mine, getting our three seconds 
> of fame). He sells it on www.walkpct.com . 
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> Ralph Alcorn 
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