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Sounds more like the D series' successor - the Jansport Nepali. The D series used a pair of metal arms on the hipbelt; the Denali replaced them with grey nylon with red adjustment buttons.

I've had 70+ pounds in my Denali. It can even carry a chain saw (but you can't zipper the big upper compartment unless you dismount the cutting bar).

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  Is the D-3 the bigger of the two Jansports?  If so, that's what I have hanging in my garage, causing much quite a kurfuffle (much laughter and fuss) amongst hikers visiting with us in Old Station.  It's blue, external frame, big upper compartment w/ an arched zipper opening and a smaller compartment below.  Lashings for my sleeping bag up top, over a small compartment easily reached by the wearer from overhead, great for maps, poncho, etc. and lashings for tent below the lower compartment.  Compression straps, pockets on both sides, and best of all for this post bilateral back surgery hiker, lite wt. metal wraparound 'wings'  and padded hip belt that really distributed the weight away from my lower back.  I love my pack.  It's big, it's heavy, but it carried the extra gear that my young (5th through 9th grade) and small backpacking Girl Scouts weren't able weight-wise to tote.  I've carried up to 80 lbs...very briefly, the first two days meals came out of my pack to get it do
   wn to a sensible weight, but it was quite doable for that short period of time.  It's covered w/ patches from both Girl Scout and Explorer Scout trips and trainings, including winter camping and more that one hiker has gotten out their camera and taken pictures of my 'dinosaur.  Love my pack, but I doubt it'll see service again ever on my back...these days I cook.
  TFTM  (Thanks For The Memories)
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