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Greg, m' boy...if it's a D-2, it may be unused, but it ain't new. But, 
that's neat...you could do the trail with it...and the Svea too!
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> I have a brand new unused D2 in the garage and of course a Svea!
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> You ain't an "old timer" unless you've carried and used a Svea 123 or
> similar stove. Also helping to qualify are Sigg aluminum bottles,
> especially with the metal stoppers, and Sigg potts.
> My pack is still an A-16 frame circa 1971 with a replacement bag from
> ??? both of which I got at Sierra Equipment in San Francisco on Polk St.
> Now with all the people doing ultralite runs of the PCT, how about
> someone doing it with post WW2 gear.
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> Georgi Heitman wrote:
>> Ceanothus...
>> I think you're on the money...my pack 's
>> wings were looped, in fact, I had a thing-a-ma-bob that had a clothes 
>> closet rod hanger on one end and a clothes pin on the other.  I could 
>> hook the thing over the bottom loop, and clothespin my wet socks or 
>> whatever to it.  Dry in no time.
>> And we certainly are wallowing is something, hopefully the past, and yes, 
>> these are the Model T's of todaý's world.  They were the forerunners, the 
>> link between the old wooden? packboard backpack frames from WW2, maybe? 
>> I remember when I told my ex that my G.S. troop wanted to learn to 
>> backpack and that our two daughters and I needed sleeping bags and packs, 
>> he said we were crazy, there was no way we'd ever get him out there with 
>> one of those 'instruments of torture'  that he wore in the army.  He was 
>> amazed when he saw what we brought home...my first pack was a Camp Trails 
>> that was a comfortable fit,...before surgeries, but not after.  I started 
>> borrowing packs from Boy Scouts in the neighborhood.  The Jan Sport that 
>> Swen Wedigen lent me was the answer. The leather alone on mine must have 
>> weighed a pound, and around the Twin Lakes area of Lassen N.P.,  I had to 
>> hang it to keep the local skunks from nibbling on it. And the leather 
>> that held the wings in place just may have
> creaked...I'd forgotten that.
>> These early good packs proved that comfort was possible while wandering 
>> thru the woods, after that, making them lighter and able to carry weird 
>> stuff, like skis, climbing gear, etc, was about all you could do in terms 
>> of innovation.  Lighter weight fabrics that wore as well as cordoba 
>> cloth, and shed water w/in reason was a good place to start. These packs 
>> are like the Alpenlite packs, the old Eureka Timberline tents, the Gerry 
>> Sleep System,  the  MSR Whisperlite stoves and Frostline Kits.  They set 
>> standards for designers at The North Face, The Granite Stairway, The 
>> Marmot Mountain Works, Sierra Design, etc. to strive to improve upon.  I 
>> marvel at today's equipment, things like my neighbor, Bill Davis has 
>> shown me.  He gets his gear mostly online from Backpacking Lite.  But my 
>> old pack fits me just fine, and if it's a Model T that's  fine too.  I'm 
>> almost old enough to be a Model T myself so we go together well.  And 
>> this past summer, two section hikers came through wearin
> g Jan Sports, newer, lighter, fabric as well as the frame.  And they were 
> smaller clones of mine.  So...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  It's a 
> good pack.
>> Georgi, ramblin' on....
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