[pct-l] Jansport D-3

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Wed Feb 21 18:50:01 CST 2007

Well my A16 frame is close to original. However I had to have a joint 
welded years ago. took a little looking to find a shop that would take 
on an aluminum welding job that small at a reasonable price.

I've gone thru several iterations of the belt, getting lighter and 
better. I now have simple webbing with a Kelty stainless steel quick 
release buckle. Probably couldn't buy such a buckle any more. But it is 
nice. With a quick pull on the buckle I can release it and slide off my 

Another technique I learned long ago. standing  behind the pack I grip 
the frame with my arms through the straps about a third of the way down. 
Then letting out a breath and an expletive, I swing the pack up over my 
head extending my arms then let the pack slide down my arms with the 
straps on my shoulders and the belt dropping by my waist. Easiest way 
I've found to put on a pack. Looks hard but is actually easy.

Something one probably can't do with an ultralite pack; then again one 
probably doesn't need to.


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Robert E. Riess wrote:
> A-16 external frame packs are the BEST ever made.  Mine is from 1976, 
> with two extra compartments I sewed myself, so it looks like hell, but 
> oh does it haul.  In 1994 I met a guy in Ranco Cayamucka who said my 
> pack looked like an apparatus.  But he couldn't resist putting it on and 
> walking around for a little bit.  Then he offered to trade his new (2 
> trail miles) $245,  7lb Gregory for mine even up.  He still has his 
> Gregory, but he looks good. In fact, he LOOKS like he just came down 
> from the summit of Everest.   Hike on !  Bob Riess at the trailhead.
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Tortoise" <Tortoise73 at charter.net>
> My pack is still an A-16 frame circa 1971 with a replacement bag from
> ??? both of which I got at Sierra Equipment in San Francisco on Polk St.

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