[pct-l] Cookpot size/volume

stillroaming pct at delnorteresort.com
Thu Feb 22 00:01:35 CST 2007

When preparing dehydrated foods such as Ramen I'll usually cook 2 pkgs at a 
time. Instead of using the 2 cups of water as suggested, I only use 1.5 
cups. It makes the ramen less soupy, requires less time cook and uses less 
space in the pot. I use a 1.2 liter Evernew with a fair amount of room to 

As a test, determine what you want to cook. Think you might eat 2 pkgs of 
'whatever' on the trail instead of 1? Cook some for dinner at home. See how 
it works for you.


What size cookpot is recommended for the PCT?  I have a 0.9 liter pot that 
has worked well for weekend backpacking trips, but I'm wondering if it's 
going to be big enough to feed my hunger on the PCT.

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