[pct-l] Water filters/purification

Phil Baily pbaily at webuniverse.net
Thu Jan 4 20:37:58 CST 2007

I forgot. I usually wrap a coffee filter around the silt filter and 
it prevents the silt filter from clogging.

I haven't found anything to wrap around the coffee filter. Just 
kidding, I need to change the coffee filter periodically.


At 05:25 PM 1/4/07, Slyatpct at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 1/4/2007 7:33:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
>pbaily at webuniverse.net writes:
>Therefore, I choose to use a pump (also a Hiker) which gives
>me safe drinkable water as fast as I can pump, but is heavier. I also
>have a silt filter on it which helps in cartridge life if you pump
>anywhere where there is sand, etc. in the water.
>I've heard wrapping a coffee filter around the acorn and the 
>cartridge filter itself prolongs the life of the cartridge.  It 
>would seem so, but does anyone know for sure?

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