[pct-l] Walmart Scooters for the PCT

Kevin Corcoran kevin at antelecom.net
Sun Jan 7 16:39:07 CST 2007

...it's all starting to sound way too much like a Monty Python movie now...


At 4:34 PM -0500 1/7/07, Hiker97 at aol.com wrote:
>_yetifan at yahoo.com_ (mailto:yetifan at yahoo.com)   writes:
>To  reduce the potential of pesky litigation, I suggest a fake horse shell
>over  you and the vehicle.
>Ride on, Squatch
>That is a great idea.  It would be like in the old pirate days, when  you
>looked like a simple merchant ship.  When you got close to your prey,  you
>hoisted up the Skull & Crossbones flag of the pirate.  I would come 
>along the trail
>as a simple humble equestrian, but the reality of the situation  would soon
>be obvious.
>Cheers, Switchback

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