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Saskia saskia.home at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 8 02:01:18 CST 2007

Hi Switchback,

I've just discovered all these public domain sites for books that'll  
let you listen to books as podcasts. Seach for 'public domain'  in  
the iTunes store. Plus, if you like sci-fi, there is 'Escape Pod', a  
podcast of unpublished sci-fi stories. Pretty cool!

copied from the web (http://www.ipodbatteryfaq.com/#16):
Yes. Belkin makes an external battery pack for the "dockable" iPod  
that takes 4 standard AA batteries. Battery Tech also makes a high- 
capacity external rechargable battery. Big Wave Power makes a  
universal high capacity external battery and charging pack. There is  
also a do-it-yourself kit that allows you to run and/or charge your  
iPod from standard AA batteries.

We've used a solar charger to charge the AA batteries we used for our  
camera. If you are taking electronics on the road, make sure they all  
use the same sort of batteries, so you can use the same charger and  
the same chargeable batteries. For example: AA batteries for iPod,  
GPS, camera... I don't know the make of the solar charger, but it was  
in the form of a little plastic box. We used velcro glued to the  
bottom of the box and the top of my boyfriends backpack to have it  
charge during the day. Worked pretty well. Solar chargers are getting  
better by the year, so look into that too.

Best wishes,
Saskia / Sauce

On 8-jan-2007, at 8:31, Hiker97 at aol.com wrote:

> One of my big things for the  upcoming 2007 hiking campaign is to  
> start
> listening to books on the trail.   I was only kidding around with  
> you about the
> scooter.
> Anyway, I am looking at the Apple  IPod Nano and the regular IPod.   
> I want to
> download books to listen to as I  hike and camp.  There now finally  
> seems to
> be a good selection of MP3  books.  I also want the FM radio  
> accessory.  My
> dilemma is  power.  I want some AA battery backup when the internal  
> battery runs
> out on  the trial.  This should be super fun out there in Mother  
> Nature,
> especially  if there is a big storm going on outside my tent.
> I am going down to the Apple store  Monday for a workshop to learn  
> about all
> this.  Does anyone have some  advise?
> Thanks, Switchback the Book  Worm
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