[pct-l] breaking in body/training

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Mon Jan 8 12:32:36 CST 2007

sue.kettles at comcast.net wrote:
> I think I also trained to hard for the "05" thru-hike because my feet had problems even before I began.  there might be something said for showing up for the hike with moderate pre-training.  Anyone else out there experience what I did?  (I am 50 so this might just apply to that age group and not those with younger bodies that can be punished without regret.)
I showed up for my long 05 section hike with no training, and just took 
it easy, taking a full day and two nights every week at a lodge/motel.  
Six weeks later my 52 year old body had lost 25 pounds and I was fleet 
afoot - averaging 20 mpd by 2 or 3PM...  The pain lessened daily, but 
never went away, shifting from feet to knees to hip to thigh muscle to 
groin, to calf, to bac, to feet and all around.  There were a few 
moments I remember that were painfree, but very few...  It never really 
bothered me as I'd done this before.  During the first couple weeks I 
just hurt when I walked.  It's doable, but not recommended.  Somewhere 
inbetween Sue's and my experience perhaps...

Jeff, just Jeff...

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