[pct-l] Desert Weather (was: Rides Needed)

AsABat AsABat at 4Jeffrey.Net
Mon Jan 8 20:21:56 CST 2007

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> The good news - once you reach the "gap" after The Desert Divide, the
> topography of the San Jacintos is fairly obvious from reading a
> decent topo map. Once past the gap, keep elevation and hug the north
> flank of Red Tahquitz until you cliff-out, then follow the west edge
> the range a couple miles to Saddle J, which is the bottom of the "dip"
> before you gain elevation toward Fuller Ridge. Even in deep snow,
> Junction is painfully obvious with all the signs posted on the trees.
> But if you're not familiar with the San Jacintos, or you're relying on
> trail signs for navigation, you can easily loose the trail under a few
> inches of snow. And I've seen dustings of snow on San J in the summer!
> Study a topo map for the main topographical features between the "gap"
> and Fuller Ridge and you'll be fine.

I agree, but... isn't this where John got terminally lost a couple years
ago? I can imagine the tedious trudging through snow tempting one to
take a shortcut and drop into Tahquitz Creek too early. Also, while it
might look like an hour's walk on the map, and is in the summer, that
westward traverse could take longer in snow, leading one to think it's
time to head north (prematurely). As Mike said, study the map, know how
to use a topo map, and trust your map. If the snow gets crazy, join a
group and stay together.


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