[pct-l] Keeping a VERY skinny guy warm in SoCAL

matt maxon matt at mattmaxon.com
Tue Jan 9 08:25:34 CST 2007

One thing I use is my Black Diamond Winter Bivy. it adds another layer 
of insulation without much weight 9oz if memory serves me correctly.

But it can and does get pretty darn chilly in them thar hills. But low 
20's upper teens is as low as it gets

I'd think the standard layers, & tent with a less than ultralight bag 
would be ok. For me a 50º bag is too little, a 20º with the Bivy is 
sufficient. I can add polypropylene undies and polartec pants and jacket 
if needed. Wool hat, Balacava, & gloves top off the ensemble. If that 
don't work I don't want to be there.... ;-)


Paul Mitchell wrote:
> Hi all
> Well, I couldn't be more excited ... my two buddies have both confirmed
> they're coming down for two weeks to start the trail with me!  I'm SUPER
> happy that they're going to get to experience a couple weeks of this amazing
> trail, and I'm pretty sure it'll be a life-changing experience that couldn't
> come at a better time for both of them.
> So, even though I know fairly well what works for me as I've done a good
> sized chunk of California, these guys are built pretty different than I am
> and I need to help them make some gear choices.  I've got a couple questions
> for the list.
> The first thing I'm worried about is that one of these guys is very skinny.
> I mean, roughly zero percent body fat.  He hates the cold, and because he
> has no insulation, he gets cold easy.  I know how cold it can get in SoCal,
> so I need to make sure we get him enough layers to be warm at night.
> I already have three sleeping bags, all of them are ultra-light bags so not
> super warm on their own.
> So, let's say we get him the typical layers - underlayer, his hiking
> clothes, a down flight jacket - and then what else would be best to add so
> that he can stay warm both in camp and in his bag?  I was thinking perhaps
> we'd get him the warmest jacket we can find, even if it's on the heavy side,
> get him an extra fleece layer, and a bag liner.
> So, in camp he'd have his silk (or whatever) underlayer, then fleece, then
> possibly his hiking clothes, then the jacket, toque, mittens, etc, and in
> his bag a liner should really warm things up, no?
> On the topic of down jackets, I found a couple at a local store.  One was
> 900 fill goose down but didn't have a lot of loft, another was 750 fill
> goose down but had more than double the loft.  I would think the 750 would
> be warmer?  Better quality fill isn't going to be warmer if there's half as
> much of it, no?
> Any other suggestions from hikers who tend to get cold?  Since these guys
> are only on the trail for two weeks, there's no time to make gear changes so
> we need to get it right from the start.
> Ah, what a great feeling ... brainwashing friends into hitting the trail!
> :-)
> Paul
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