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How much experience have you with good adjustable trekking poles?

Another point for all users of adjustables.  How well can you grip them 
to adjust. I've had trouble gripping mine firmly enough to twist them to 
unlock. So I carry a couple of little grip pads (pieces of rubber-like 
cushion mesh sold as shelf liner especially non-slip shelf liner.)


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Paul Magnanti wrote:
>>> Another issue with ski poles is if they are the -correct- length for -your-
>>> skiing activities, they will be too long to be useful on a steep uphill
>>> climb.Which  is why the ski poles I use for backcountry skiing (also used, mind you) are longer than the ones I've used for hiking. :)  If I bought a special pair of poles for skiing (new) and hiking (trekking poles, new), I'd be out ~$150 vs. the $20 I've spent total between the two pairs.
> I realize I am being something of an iconoclast, but I'd like to think I have some practical experience at this point besides just being er.
> frugal.
> All I'm saying is that don't feel you HAVE to buy the $$$ ones. Try the less expensive alternatives..and after doing some hiking, you may
> find that the less expensive options works as well as the  specialized ones. Worked for me anyway. And I'd like to think I've done a little
> backpacking at this point. ;)
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