[pct-l] Tent Warmth

Slow Comfort slow.comfort at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 20:42:00 CST 2007

I like a warm tent.

Old Slow has tented winters in Colorado Mts, Texas Panhandle, Florida
swamps, Idaho, Montana, California Mts. etc., etc., etc. - the simplest,
most rewarding system that's worked for me on those extremely cold nights,
in addition to silk long johns is a bag liner inside and another covering my
bag.  (In fact if by some odd chance there is anything around the camp you
can cover your tent with, like an extra bag,  that will greatly help to
inhibit colder temperatures in a tent) The involved silk weight of two
liners is miniscule and the temperature rating of your sleep system can go
up as much as 20 degrees. Then when morning comes, I fire up my little
smokless candle in my reflective candle holder, extremely light weight combo
that I've had for 30 yrs.  I just hang the system from the center of my
tent, and in about 20 min. the difference in temperature will astound you if
you've never tried it. I know..I know...fire in the tent!  Well, I'm not
recommending anything, just letting you know that on a cold 10 degree night
in a light 30 degree bag I can get out of my tent for breakfast like a nice
piece of toast.

But then, I've never hiked 2600 miles and know there's extra weight involved
here, but I'll be practicing my same juju on this trail.


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