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Thu Jan 11 05:54:16 CST 2007

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> I used large snow baskets last year and had trouble planting the poles on 
> side slopes. The basket would glance off the snow preventing the tips from 
> making contact. I finally took them off and wished I had kept the smaller 
> scree baskets. It may have been a technique problem on my part. 
> In 1700 miles last year I didn't need to replace a tip, but I did manage to 
> snap the lower pole section when I fell on it. It did get me my trail name. 
> Snap 
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> > I also plan on having the larger 'snow baskets' sent to Kennedy Meadows... 

Thanks for the feedback, Snap!  Just another 'plan' item to continue to think about!!!

I did plan on also carrying the smaller scree baskets, though...  Thought the snow
baskets might be more useful in the warmed up corn snow when postholing is at its
worst - so would change back and forth as needed...  Will continue to ponder the idea...

Thanks, again.  Happy trails!!!  Jim

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